melt-in-your-mouth meatloaf

Confession: I used to HATE meatloaf. It was a dreaded dish of dry, tough, underseasoned, unnaturally shaped meat that was always associated with school cafeterias and sad lunches. Then one glorious day, meatloaf was redeemed by the always-amazing Ina Garten. I was watching the Food Network and saw her create the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful-looking… Continue reading melt-in-your-mouth meatloaf

stove-top cheeseburgers with secret sauce

These are my go-to burgers. They never fail. Always juicy and always flavorful. But a word to the wise: Like ribs or a whole lobster, these burgers are best eaten around your family, loved ones or best friends, because you're going to get messy. The amazing sauce will drip (which is exactly why you need… Continue reading stove-top cheeseburgers with secret sauce

slovacek’s jalapeño cheese smoked sausage & veggies

Ever been to Snook, TX? Me neither. But my in-laws are regulars there. The famous Slovacek's (also in West, TX too) processes my father-in-law's venison a few times a year and turns it into the BEST sausage in the world. No time to head to Slovacek's? No problem. You can often find their sausage at… Continue reading slovacek’s jalapeño cheese smoked sausage & veggies

beef tenderloin with garlic, shallot & parsley butter

True story: this beef tenderloin practically melts in your mouth. While beef tenderloin is a pretty expensive piece of meat, it sure is easy to cook with. And this is a perfect dish for entertaining when you really don't want to be in the kitchen the entire party. Try it out for your next special… Continue reading beef tenderloin with garlic, shallot & parsley butter