homemade pasta


Is there anything better than homemade pasta? Paired with basil pesto or your favorite red sauce, pasta definitely tastes better when it’s fresh. Well, it’s tastes the VERY best while in your Italian host mom’s kitchen in Rome…but that’s another story.

Fair-warning: this is easiest to make if you have a standing mixer plus either the pasta attachment or a true Italian pasta maker like this one. It’s not impossible to make without it though. You’ll just need a good rolling pin and some patience to roll the dough into a smooth ball and then roll out thin enough to cut into shapes. In fact, this is the true Italian way to make pasta.

This recipe creates a rich, silky pasta dough with the egg yolks. There are recipes without eggs, but this is my personal favorite. Once the dough is made, it can be shaped into anything your heart desires–lasagna sheets, linguine, spaghetti, ravioli, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once shaped, it freezes well and is great to have on-hand for an easy weeknight dinner. We often take a weekend afternoon to make a big batch of homemade pasta, divide it into servings and freeze each separately. When we want pasta for one or two (or more), we just take out as many servings as needed from the freezer. Simply drop the noodles directly into boiling water and they’re ready in under 2 minutes.


  • Serves 4
  • Prep time: 35 minutes
  • Total time: 1 hour


  • 3 cups all-purpose flour plus extra for dusting
  • Couple pinches of sea salt
  • 12 large eggs
  • 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 Tbsp. cold water


  1. Sift the flour into the bowl of a standing mixer with a couple pinches of sea salt and make a well in the center. Separate your eggs and add the yolks to the well in the flour. (You can save the egg whites for a healthy omelette or meringue later). Add the extra virgin olive oil and water to the eggs and beat the well with a fork to combine all the liquids. Then, gradually start bringing flour into the well. When you can no longer stir with the fork, switch to the dough hook and begin mixing on low speed until a ball of dough forms. Once formed, allow the dough to mix for 2-4 minutes until it is a smooth ball.  *Sometimes I have to add 1-3 more tablespoons of water to help it come together. Just add them one at a time until the ball forms. Wrap the dough in Saran wrap and let it rest on the counter for 30 minutes.
  2. Once the pasta has rested, you can either get ready for an arm workout with your rolling pin or set up your pasta maker. Divide the dough into 4 equal pieces and roll out each quarter one at a time until about 1/16 inch.  You can then put it through the pasta maker for spaghetti, linguine or cut into lasagna sheets.

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